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August 29, 2007       

 indie here… We have three limited edition recordings available for online purchase shipped anywhere. Paul Dianno’s Iron Maiden Classics...Paul and his band in a recording studio in Sweden rip and do justice to Dianno era Iron Maiden classics (Charlotte the Harlot, Iron Maiden, Sanctuary, and need we say more…) Acid Test –the EP…rare DiSanto/Marci/Fall recording of smog infested, indie Akai S-900 Loop, Splice fest.. LollyPOP stoned out tracks. Features “Mr.Skin” From the Bruce MacDonald cult film classic “Highway 61”. INNERSTATE- self titled. Features Much Music mini-hit “After All”, “Sensa Vita”, and more.. International orders can be available here or through Cargo Records (UK) (see links within this site).

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Paul Dianno InnerState Acid Test
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